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Set around 2035, CyberSteel is a urban spying, sci-fi and action story.
Kevin, is a university student from England and a computer hacker at night. 
Kevin struggles to make ends meet, so he steals dirty money from dubious current accounts to survive. 
In trouble with his exams, he luckily meets Alex, a geek who could help him in getting higher scores to impress his mommy. 
In a flash, the two friends end up in some henchmen's sight, minions of a ruthless killer better known as 'Anger'. 

Kevin Stone
kevin scheda DEF by SirWendigo
If you were a woman... by SirWendigo Kev and the Siamese by SirWendigo Italians do it better by SirWendigo  
Kevin has green eyes and blond hair. Height: 1,77m. Age 26. He was born in May 27th. He was a student and a computer hacker.
He likes computers, technology, videogames, orange and green, Japan, pasta, trees, mushrooms, Coke, comics.
He dislike blood, liars, free violence, playing sports, petty people and unscrupulous. He fears Anger. He's Alex's bestfriend.
He has 3 scars on his right arm.

Alex Vondran
alex scheda DEF by SirWendigo
Undressing Repaint by SirWendigo It's raining men by SirWendigo What do you want from me by SirWendigo I wanna do bad things with you by SirWendigo
Alex has brown-red eye and dark brown hair. Height: 1,82m. Age 26. He was born in July 27th, in Italy. 
He's an hired killer. He always wears grey, black and dark colors. He's Kevin bestfriend.
He loves coffee and cigarettes, joking, technology, blades, boots, motors and motorcycles, leather jackets, himself, metal/hard rock music, Northern Europe countries.
He hates Jelom, Anger, American coffee, silence and telling lies, reading books. Also he has a scar on the forehead above his right eye.
He's afraid of water, at the point he can't swim without drowning.
Alex is the hyper active type: he trains several times a day, and he's independent from others, except his friend Kevin. 
The symbol under his left eye is a painting he uses in battle.

jelom scheda DEF by SirWendigo
:thumb324542316: Biohazard by SirWendigo
Moving on by SirWendigo   
Jelom is a punk guy, 35/36 years old and he was born in Palestine on February 23rd. Height 1,72m. 
His eyes are grey and he always changes his hair color. He always cut his hair in a mohawk. 
He likes half-masks, punks, techno ebm music. He hates Anger, war, nuclear, liars. He always wears an half-mask on his face, and dark/neon colors. He has 2 deep scars on his neck and jaw, and a biohazard tattoo on his chest.
He's also Kevin teacher/master and mentor.  
Jelom is quite calm, but he reacts quickly against Alex. 
Also Jelom will be Alex's mentor/teacher after Alex will leave Anger, and they'll start to respect each others.

When he was 12, he was involved in a shooting between Miguel Ramirez and his subordinate Anger and a jeep of soldiers. 
Ramirez hit Jelom with an arrow soaked in acid and his face was disfigured.

Upper by SirWendigo
Upper is just the code name of this huge (2,07m) guy. He has black hair and eyes and colored skin. 
He's about 49/50 years old, born on April 3rd. He was an american soldier when he was younger.
He likes his machine gun, cleaning weapons, cooking, motors, battle boots, detonators. He's a neat and methodical person.
He hates Anger, and he wants to get rid of him and his organization, because Anger, at the age of 26, killed his whole squad in Palestine without even a weapon. 
He uses a language full of insults and curses.
He's Jelom's mate and good friend.

anger scheda DEF by SirWendigo

Jacques 'Anger' Lemaire is a French man, son of a Mafia boss of Marseille. 
When he was 11/12 his father was killed by rival gangs with all his sons, except Anger, who was saved by Miguel Ramirez. 
Ramirez was a 25/26 years old hot-head and hair-trigger guy, a person who knew nothing about honor and loyalty. 
Ramirez was also an hired-killer for Anger's father 'company'. 
So, Ramirez became Anger's protector and tutor, but not in the way Anger's father has imagined. Ramirez, in fact, forced Anger to become a killer as him. 
Soon Ramirez realized that Anger was not a boy like the others: a powerful and terrible force was sleeping in his hands, ready to explode at any moment. as soon as his anger grew.
Unfortunately for the boy, Ramirez was the only person ever to be immune to his power.

Jacques is now a 50 years man, brown eyes and graying hair. Heigh: 1,78m. He was born in France, on October 17th. 
He likes playing violin, classical music (Vivaldi, Mozart), silence, manners, prestige, gardening, smoking pipe. 
He dislike disobedients, sloppy people, boors. 
He's married with Irene.

Younger Anger
Till the last breath by SirWendigo St. Anger by SirWendigo Le Violoniste by SirWendigo

She's Anger's wife. She's American and she was a soldier. She likes shot guns and weapons in general. 
When she was in the army, she shot Jacques in his belly with a shot gun, but he survived and then they felt in love.
Now she lives in luxury thanks to her husband, who pampers her, but she still doesn't share his lifestyle as a killer.

oberon scheda DEF by SirWendigo

perry scheda DEF by SirWendigo

Alex and Kevin
POSER by SirWendigo Merry Christmas 2012! by SirWendigo

Jelom and Alex

Anger and Irene
Stolen Season by SirWendigo Shoot me again by SirWendigo Good Morning by SirWendigo

Kevin, Alex, Jelom, Upper and Anger



In a dry inhospitable future world, the privileged live in big cities while the outsiders are forced to fight for a piece of bread in the desert.
Mark Koch, a weapons builder and trafficker lives on the outside in a place known as The Colony within the rusty hull of a buried aircraft carrier.
Tough and arrogant, he enjoys his position and free ways with the Colony women until one day he comes upon a stranger collapsed in the sand (Stefan).
He takes this young man into the infirmary where he notices a striking tattoo on his cheek – a tribal design that marks this mysterious wanderer as a murderous renegade.



As Mark's relationship with Stefan heats up, the colony residents begin to notice not all men are being treated equal in Mark's eyes.
Jealousy erupts as Mark's followers pressure him into putting Stefan to the test.
Can this man be trusted to handle a high-risk delivery of weapons to the City?
Or will Mark and Stefan's troubled pasts with the privileged sect put them all in danger?

Stefan Drahos
(He's more muscular than the last reference. Also Height is 1,89m)
Stefan is 24. Green eyes, black hair. 
Stefan was born in the city and decided to start the military career in the army. 
Here he received a specialized training. 
Then he killed two of his comrades and he's been expelled from the city after the judgement. 
They marked him as a Renegade, tattoing a strange symbol on his right cheek and kicked him from the city.
Here Stefan starts to live day by day, searching for a job not that 'dirt' just for a living. 
First he works in the factories just outside the big city, then he search for a better job, because he's not paid much and people bully him. 
Cruising around, he meets Mark Koch, an arrogant leader of the arms trafficking.
They'll become rivals: Stefan is the diligent and obedient guy, without any initiative, and Koch just hates military people and Renegades even more. 
But Stefan is also proud and he can't bear Koch, since he doesn't want to admit his real value.

Mark Koch

Mark is a blond guy, green/blue eyes, 26 years old, height 1,77m. He's a weapons builder, specialized in firearms and he's also a firearms merchant.
He was born in the colony of the weapons factory, a structure situated in the middle of the desert.  He grew up in a small group of people, and then he taken his father's place after his premature death. After this event he always tried to protect women and children of the colony (even if he's quite cynical and womanizer).
The tattoo is from Norse magic, and it means 'put fear in enemy'. 
He's Stefan's employer and rival: they just hate each other. He's an arrogant, confident and vulgar cocky man, but he's big-hearted and he's willing to sacrifice for the persons he loves. 
Also he's quite thin and not so muscular because he eats just once a day.
He is always armed and he also knows how to use knives.


The last Emperor of the Moors, Unyve (pron. YUNA'-EEV), is threatened by an evil presence, better known as the Witch, Kikloh. 
At first, Unyve thought it's just a mere Palace conspiracy, then he became aware the Gods was against him and they no longer wanted him to govern his Empire. 
First, Kikloh tried to kill him few times and forced him to escape from the Imperial Palace, with the help of Saktoo, a 16 years old girl, and Krauss, her brother. 
Saktoo guided him to the Aether, the residence of the Gods, to talk with one of them, and understand how to move.
At Aether's gate, Unyve was cursed by the Arcanum Tienne (totally inspired on my brother), god of the V Sky. 
After the curse, Unyve is no longer the same and he's not able to pray for help as the Emperor anymore.
The whole world will be divided into two factions: the first will support the Emperor and help him to escape from this threat, 
the second will consist of Kikloh Nuvat Shye Menisse and Yone, the Gods, or Ellegis, who want to take over his Empire. 
Five other Gods will help the Emperor: these are Tienne, Nothi, Maxima, Inhom, and Adya.
:star: Ellegis Hierarchy :star:
The ones in the First Sky are the most powerful and the ones in the Fifth sky are the weaker. 
("good" on the left - "evil" on the right) 

II sky - NOTHI & SHYE (they were lovers)
IV sky - ADYA & NUVAT (they're rivals)

Unyve is the main character of the 'Last Heir of Versewil III'. He's Versewil son, you can guess, and his father died in unclear circumstances.
He is a spoiled boy who lives his life sitting on a throne, apparently doing nothing. He has a bad temper and he is never grateful, even though he's only 19. 
Beyond this, he is highly educated and read many books, he knows lost and ancient languages and is able to speak and understand them. 
He is an open-minded political figure. He hopes that one day the Empire would be no longer needed, and he would all men to be equally free. 
But he's a guy full of contradictions and, before that happens, he hopes to finish his term, at least.
His eyes are icy/light green. His hair are black. He always wears a white shirt, and he always carries a short dagger. 
He has a mark on his chest, symbol of the god Tienne, and it preserves him to be possessed by Kikloh, the Witch.
She likes Saktoo, but his love is not mutual. 

Saktoo by SirWendigo Soul Fire by SirWendigo
Saktoo is a 16 years old girl, ambitious and peppery, but she's also a member of the Aviation with her older brother Krauss. 
She has amber eyes, dark brown hair and colored skin. She always wears a long blood red skirt who looks like fire. 
She has the power of a god: she's able to create explosions and fire from her hands. 
This is not a normal fire but it's called 'The fire of the Soul' and it's sacred, so it only burns the wicked. 

Reedt Malar
Reedt is better know as 'the ferryman'. He's 29. Light brown hair and hazel eyes. He's lieutenant on the prototype 751 (an aerostat property of Krauss).
He has the same mark of Unyve on his chest. It's the Tritailed Circle, the sail of Tienne the Arcanum, used to avoid possessions by Kikloh.
One of the gods, Adya, donated her power to him.
He's so gallant and ready to sacrifice himself for saving the Emperor Unyve. He's been Unyve's sitter when he was younger, so they're really good friends. 
Totally a gentleman, he's also a smiling person.

He's a 24 years old guy. Green eyes and red hair. He's the leader of the Party for the Republic. 
He's a sunny and smart person, generous with people in general. 
He fights for a better world of equal and legal people, where every single person has the same rights as others. 
He also fights against the privileges of the ruling class. He's an excellent talker. He's Reedt's upper.
Salya wants to kill him. 

Salya Keserth by SirWendigo
Salya Keserth is the General of the Empire of the Moors.
He's a mercenary of the 'Scarlet Stripe' organization as Emerge, so he's a Gorah. His code name as Gorah is Anyel.
The Gorah are 5 killers hired to preserve the Empire. They fight the Party for the Republic. 
Salya is 26 years old, icy eyes and blond wavy hair. He's a huge friend of Emerge. 
He's a diplicitous and he'll betray and deceive Unyve (the Emperor). I forgot he's also pretty tall (1,95m/6.4 feet).
He has the power of a goddess, Menisse. 
It's called Arcane Madness and it leads people to insanity and then the goddess is forced to kill them, due to a rule of the Gods Code: 
'If a human call for the death after being tortured by a god, the god must kill him/her'. 
Salya will use the power on Kael the redhead, another member of the Party.
He would be Kikloh's lover in the future.

Emerge by SirWendigo
Emerge is a 'villain' and the worse of them. He's a mercenary of the 'Scarlet Stripe' organization, the Gorah. His name as a Gorah is Othel. 
Gorah are 5 killers, hired to preserve intact the Empire, because if the Empire falls Kikloh will die. 
They're also called 'The Restorers' and they fight the Party for the Republic (members are the ones with the mark on their chest).
Emerge is 34 years old. Green eyes and dark brown curly hair. He's a huge friend and workmate of Salya Keserth, the General of the Empire and the greatest duplicitous and traitor. 
Emerge himself is a liar in everything: he's not able to swear on his own word, you just can't trust him.
One of the gods, Nuvat, donated his powers to him.
His assignment is to kill Unyve to preserve the Empire ,because the Emperor Unyve sympathizes for the Party for the Republic, so practically he's against his own power. 
So Emerge is in the faction with Kikloh, Nuvat and Shye.
He wears brown and green and he always has the scarlet stripe at his waist.

Kikloh is a diseased goddess. She entices men, promising them gift of enormous value, then she kills them, ripping their heart away.
She has yellow eyes, red long wavy hair. She doesn't wear shoes and she always wears black and gold.
She's evil in every way possible, a grudging person, unable to forgive. She wants to kill Unyve 'cause she wants his Empire. 
She will be Salya lover.

D O O M by SirWendigo Breathe by SirWendigo Dusk of the jackals by SirWendigo All men are mortal by SirWendigo King of Dogs by SirWendigo
Nuvat is a sadomasochist god, light blue eyes, black hair and stitches at the side of his mouth. 
Also he has three dreadlocks in the nape, shoulder blades long. He likes smoking pipes and hurting himself. 
He also have the power to dissolve in a cloud of black smoke. 
He loves dark damp and gloomy places, and cypresses (mourning symbols).
He donated his powers to Emerge.
He's better known as 'The king of dogs' because he's disloyal and coward. He's also able to pilot people like they were puppets.
He's Shye slave and entertainment.

The God of Time - painted by SirWendigo  Shye the Bard by SirWendigo
Shye is an evil god, from the faction of Kikloh, Nuvat and Menisse. 
He has yellow/green eyes, white/light blue hair. 
He has artificial implants as wings that come out from his collarbones, and a deep scar on his left cheek and nose. 
He wears a light blue sleeveless shirt with three red arrows (second image). 
He always wears gloves. He was Nothi partner before they become immortal/gods.
After all these centuries, he has become sadistic. He likes to hurt people. It's very cold, overconfidant, ostentatious and, despite all, rational and calculating.

Nothi The Eighth by SirWendigo
She's a lawful good goddess, black and red hair and red eyes.
She lost her left eye when he was human, so she always wears an eyepatch. 
She wears corsets, skirts and high heels, and she loves red, grey and black. 
She was Shye lover when they were humans.
She's moody, strict, intransigent and incoherent. 
If you ask her for a favor she may say yes and then change her mind after a while. 

Inhom by SirWendigo
He's a neutral good god. Green hair and red eyes.
He's always dressed in green purple and gold, with red touches. 
He always wears goggles and half-fingered gloves. 
He's able to heal wounds and illness with his fingers, which become green when he uses the power.
He's loyal, quiet and sincere.

Menisse The Hysterical Character Clothing Design by SirWendigo
She's a lawful evil goddess. She has neon green eyes and white hair. 
She's totally crazy and laughs a lot. 
She can imprison people in their own mind, so their body is sleeping but after a while they'd get mad. 
Then she kills them. 

:thumb197420205: Burnt by shikakashi
She's a chaotic good goddess. She has amber cat eyes, pointed canine teeth and a red/orange mohawk. 
She always wears a golden and red armour, made of red drapes and solid gold. 
She's really strong, able to fight with a sword made with dragon bones, she's also able to ride dragons. 
She loves fire, fighting and warm weather. 
She's Nuvat rival. 

Maxima is the most powerful of the gods. White hair and purple eyes. He always wear the uniform in the first reference. 
He's an icy and detached person, both with immortal and mortal people. 
He's unable to express is emotions, except for wrath. 
When he's angry is able to destroy the whole world without even thinking. His power is explosive and chaotic, but sacred.
His distruction is able to purify as well. He can generate winds and separate seas, split the world in two with an earthquake and burn people in an instant.
It's just better not to make him angry.

Shye & Nuvat

The DemiGods

The Deer God - Thallo
Deer God by SirWendigo Legal age by SirWendigoFather and Son by SirWendigo GodEatGod by SirWendigo Symbiosis color by Lapis-Razuri
The son of a wood nymph and an old deer, he became the protector of the trees and the animals of the forest after his father's death.
He's a demigod and his name is Thallo. He's unable to speak any human language.

Necromancer - Endor
Necromancer by SirWendigoSV 2013 ElephantWendigo by erebun Dark Ritual by SirWendigo
Fluo-green eyes, black hair, pointed ears. He practices divination by conjuring up the dead. He feeds on their spirits to rejuvenate his appearance.
He's Nuvat and Kikloh's servant.

Lady Winter - Hecate
Lady Winter by SirWendigo
Hecate is a demigoddess with an ice soul. She lives in the same forest of the Deer God, but she refuses to help humans in every circumstance.
She has a crow pet and her brain is wrapped in tree roots and constantly burns, producind a dense pink smoke.

Lady Summer - Theia
tumblr mis8wwFLJv1rl537oo1 500 by SirWendigo
Theia is the demigoddess of life and fun: she's lively and passionate. Humans intrigue her. 


Tier and Rein are twins, without father or mother, both clones of a rich man who is leading a criminal organization masked as a psychiatric hospital, with the sole purpose of saving its owner (the rich man) from an incurable and degenerative disease who would, without doubt, lead him to death.
Tier and Rein are cloned with the same disease in their bodies, because it's a genetic illness, but the purpose of the organization is to use them as guinea pigs and inject into their bodies various vaccines and antidotes to save the owner of the organization. 
However, when they were little, the doctor who gave them birth cloning them decides to pick them up, and help them escaping from the structure that imprisoned them. They were 4 years old. Unfortunately, during the escape, the guards took Tier, but Rein and the doctor escaped.  
After about 12 years the professor is murdered by the henchmen of the hospital's President and Rein remains alone. His only purpose in life has always been to become a doctor, to infiltrate into the structure and take his brother away.
Obviously the two were not registered to the register office, since their clones, but the doctor adopted them and gave them the names of Reiner and Till Keller.
Rein is a model student and he managed to graduate very young. Then he's finally able to work into the 'hospital' and to learn his job. Many of the doctors are unaware of what's going on deeply inside the structure. 
Then, after months, he's been chosen to work inside the structure: they give him a special pass card to enter the 'forbidden' side of the building, where the experiments over people take place every day.
Soon he'll meet Tier, his twin. He can't really recognize him: Tier doesn't talk, he seems autistic, he looks at monitors and flashing lights not caring about what's going on around him. Tier's also able to see in the darkness, he's really good with numbers and math, almost a genius, and he speaks to himself and watch television all day long.
Tier doesn't recognize Rein and at their first meeting he attacks his brother and almost rape him. At this point, the doctors have their excuse to keep Rein into the structure as a patient, because he's now 'infected' by the brother. 
Rein doesn't believe them but they shut him down, and restrain him with a straitjacket. When he wakes up, he sees his brother in front of him, with the scariest smirk on his face: Rein gets crazy, but he still want to free his brother and himself. 
Meanwhile, Tier recognizes him and they build a plan together.

He's a 24 years old doctor. Blond hair, light blue eyes. Lives his life depending on his twin brother. He's a bookworm, unable to mantain a social life, emotionally unstable, weak (mentally and physically), he doesn't eat much. 

They'll eat your brain by SirWendigoHunted by SirWendigo
He's a 24 years old guy who lived for 20 years into a structure, segregated into a room with soft walls, unable to undestand the reasons of his imprisonment. Black hair, light blue eyes. 
He loves television: he watches it like he's hypnotized, he quotes the movies phrases, and he acts as if he were in a movie. 
He has the absolute terror of men in uniform, they've beaten him many times when he was in the structure. 
He believe in monsters from the movies, and he thinks love is made of drama only.
He dislikes girls because they always cry (in his own opinion of the world made of soap operas and dramatic movies). 
He don't talk much, but he talks to himself. He's like a child: unable to talk about different topics, he speaks only of his primal urges.
He gazes. He's a math genious, especially with numbers. He's creative and totally able to draw.

Tier & Rein together
Razorblade Kiss by SirWendigo RolePlaying by SirWendigo    :thumb260989284: rein + tier by lanamiyuki

Other OCs
Simon (Michael Stephen) Shade "Simo"

Simon has icy eyes and black hair. Age 25. Height 1,85m. 
Simon is a guy with his own worldview: he is selfish, self-centered, and he thinks there's no need to learn anything else. 
Despite this, he likes to know the facts of the world, he loves to read and study, even though he has not even finished high school.
He can play the bass guitar quite well.
He loves 80's dark and goth music (Christian Death, Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, Virgin Prunes...) and the occult, but is also interested in studying religions.
He is a very sarcastic guy. He is egocentric to the point that he doesn't admit or even recognize his mistakes.
He also did drugs in the past, and he smokes cigarettes (a lot).
Sometimes he cuts himself with a blade.

Of blood and bones by SirWendigo
A hedonist demon who wanders the hell , drinking human blood and playing dices, while gambling with other demons to obtain human souls. He also gives wealth to humans in exchange for their least he promises, but he's also a huge liar. 

Skin by Nobody
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SirWendigo Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Yes, if you want. :)
SavageFrog Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
What color is Irene's eyes & hair?
SirWendigo Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Hair dark brown, eyes brown
SavageFrog Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
grazie! I had trouble telling if it was brown or black since I'm a bit colorblind.
Jamielikestea Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Student General Artist
Hi! Does Deer God where any clothing by chance? Thanks!
SirWendigo Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
You can invent them for him, if you want, because he doesn't wear anything.
GiovyLoCa Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012  Professional General Artist
Tesora, ma mi chiedevo, per il tuo contest, i personaggi disponibili sono tutti questi sul journal??? O_O
No perché sono taaaaaaanti e tutti molto... :drool: :giggle:
Tanto per sapere. :heart:
SirWendigo Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Sì certo! Ma non devi usarli tutti. Era giusto per garantire la varietà. ^^
GiovyLoCa Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012  Professional General Artist
Ok, allora hai chiarito. Grassie! :heart:
WeeMeghann Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012
What's the Deer God like?
SirWendigo Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Since he doesn't have a description yet, you can imagine him as you wish. :)
WeeMeghann Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012
That really is very generous :'D You 100% sure, because I'm happy enough if you decide you want to describe him.
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