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WOW! A Daily Deviation!!

Wed Dec 23, 2015, 8:50 AM
I just received my 5th Daily Deviation on DeviantART today on my Ruby Rhod piece. SUPER GREEN!!!
Ruby Rhod - SuperGreen by SirWendigo
Thank you so much psoty and TsaoShin for featuring me!

I'm so happy because it's my first DD for a fanart and I really love the Fifth Element movie! 

This piece was included in the artbook 'Meat Popsicle' organized and printed by KarinaR and Joule.
To order the Fifth Element artbook (with tiny flaws) please go here:

Thank you so much again! Best Christmas present ever:CameraGlomp: 


Fri Nov 20, 2015, 12:37 PM

Ciao ragazzi!
Per chi volesse preordinare Outwards 2, o acquistare altri miei fumetti (CyberSteel e CyberSteel 'Farewell') c'è ancora tempo, e ora potete anche pagare con la CARTA!
Ho appena sistemato uno Store per permettere gli acquisti sia con Paypal che con carta di credito.

Il costo dei libri rimane invariato rispetto al mio blog, ma tramite il blog potete scegliere che personaggio avere nella dedica.…

Outwards 2 verrà spedito a partire da Dicembre. Outwards 1 verrà ristampato al più presto in una versione con copertina ridisegnata.
Di CyberSteel 'Farewell' rimangono solo 5 copie, dopodiché non verrà più ristampato.

Grazie a tutti!

Paris 11/14/15

Mon Nov 16, 2015, 4:06 AM
Really? Nobody made a post about it? Not even a DeviantART post about the massacre? I'm disappointed...

What happened in Paris is terrible, but we must avoid slipping in ethnic and religious hatred. You cannot fight violence with violence, but also the Isis knows that attacking a country like France, which by History isn't pacifist, won't get nothing but war and manhunt (or borders closure, as Hollande said). It's a political act, not a religious act, like the Isis claimed it to be.
Europe is tired of innocent people always getting in the way. I don't know who's bribing these murderers, but I really hope they pay for what they did, and I'm only talking about these terrorists. There's no place for ethnic hatred.
Now I live in the belief that my eyes will see the war. We're becoming increasingly intolerant and this will only bring us to shoot our brothers or friends just because they believe in another god or have a different skin color.
We should also examine ourselves...
We shouldn't let this imminent war happen.

Ehilà! Anche quest'anno, come l'anno scorso, mi trovate in SELF AREA, Piazza San Romano con DUCKIE & EZOMBIE (Queso). 12034461 1533005746990957 231810549663900291 O by SirWendigo
Porteremo un artbook fighissimo con lavori vecchi e nuovi a tema fantasy, e 3 tutorial che mostrano i nostri rispettivi metodi di lavoro. L'albo è in formato A4 con 40 pagine a colori. *w*

Trovate più notizie sulla pagina dell'evento:…

Per quanto riguarda i miei lavori, avrò con me le ultime copie rimaste di
e CYBERSTEEL #1, che sta uscendo su Tapastic.
Inoltre avrò tanti nuovi poster e sarò disponibile per dediche e foto! *w*

Arriviamo al tasto dolente... OUTWARDS 2.
Purtroppo il fumetto non sarà presente a Lucca
MA è possibile preordinarlo compilando questo form.
Il prezzo del libro è di 10€, come in fiera, più le spese di spedizione con 'Piego di libri'. 
Vi invierò una richiesta di pagamento dopo l'8 Novembre 2015 e i libri saranno spediti dopo la seconda metà di Novembre.

Ci vediamo a Lucca!!

I made an ArtStation account

Thu Sep 24, 2015, 2:57 PM
I made by SirWendigo

Just for fun. I'm not gonna move or anything, just saying.
You can find it here:… ^__^

Ask Kevin anything!

Mon Sep 7, 2015, 1:14 PM
Ask Kevin Something by SirWendigo

Ask Kevin anything! 
He will reply to the best questions on CyberSteel issue 1, Italian version, and on Tapastic after Lucca Comics and Games convention (Oct 29th - Nov 1st 2015). ^__^

If you don't know who he is, please read CyberSteel comic here:

Patreon important changes!

Thu Aug 6, 2015, 3:33 AM
Patreon Ante by SirWendigo

Hi there!
If you read my last journal you may know I'll no longer submit my CyberSteel comic on Patreon. It will be FREE to read and on Tapastic. I will notify you later this week. 
Why this sudden decision? Because I really want everybody to read it and be able to judge and like my work before donating something to my cause.
Meanwhile I'll focus more on exclusive contents for my Patrons.

By supporting my work on Patreon you'll get a lot of nice stuff like WIPs, step by step, full resolution PSDs, exclusive illustrations, video tutorials and NSFW YAOI.

What is Patreon and how it works?

Patreon is basically a way to support the Creators you love and get something in reward. I offer
monthly rewards, proportional to how much you can spend.
You can choose a reward tier equal or lower to the amount you pledged, if you just want to support. You also get all the rewards below your pledge. For example, if you choose the $10 reward, you'll have access to all the rewards below it as well. 
Patreon is made to support artists through time; anyway, if you want to make a one-time donation, you can wait until Patreon charges you, and then just delete your Pledge.
You won't be charged until the 1st of every month, and it usually takes a full 72 hours for all pledges to process. You’ll receive an email that will indicate whether your pledge was successfully processed or declined.

What I'm offering

1dollar by SirWendigo
● With 1$ you get
- Access to WIPs and rough sketches (previously limited to 5$ Patrons)

You'll get access to older +1$ contents as well. 

● With 3$ you get
- All previous rewards PLUS
- Access to free to color Linearts (previously limited to 5$ Patrons)

You'll get access to older +3$ contents as well. 

5dollars by SirWendigo
● With 5$ you get
- All previous rewards PLUS
- Access to resources and exclusive illustrations
- 40% Discount over all my Gumroad products
- I will follow you on FB and Twitter 
- You'll get a permanent Patron feature on my dA main page 

● With 10$ you get 
-All previous rewards PLUS
-Access to Tutorials and Step by Steps of my illustrations
-Access to my .PSD files
-Access to occasional Process Videos
-Access to all current available PDF Ebooks from Wendigo (just ask for a free copy and I'll e-mail it to you)

● With 15$ you get
-All previous rewards PLUS
-ACCESS TO NSFW GALLERY! Contains hardcore YAOI and sometimes HETERO! - An average of 4 drawings a month


When will I receive my rewards?

From this month onwards, the rewards will be shared on Patreon after the first week of the month, that is once Patrons are charged, so expect content from the 7th of each month to the 14th.
Furthermore, from next month until September, I guarantee 4 comic pages per month, with a small break between September and October because of important exhibitions in which I'm taking part. 

What if I want to lower my pledge?

There is a 'try free for 15 days' option for new patrons.
 You can pledge a certain amount, then you can either delete or lower your pledgeuntil the 15th of each month. Anyway, if you lower your pledge after that date, your patronage may be deleted without previous notification. Same will happen if you decline a payment.

How Milestone goals work?

Goals are there to make my work better and every time I reach a new goal, I will offer you extra rewards. I will send your Milestone rewards if the goal is still exceeded after Patrons have been charged, always after the 7th of each month.

Livestreaming at Picarto.TV!!

Tue Aug 4, 2015, 5:24 AM
Ohhshshsh by SirWendigo
Livestreaming in few minutes at PICARTO

CyberSteel just reached 1000 subscribers on Tapastic,
so I’m streaming the process of a small ‘thank you’ drawing!

Thank you so much everybody for all the birthday wishes, gifts, cakes, llamas and everything! :dummy:
I'm having a great day, had sushi with friends yesterday and it was great, and now I'm working on my comics as usual. 

I want to let you know last paid commissions will be delayed again due to my Patreon and comics work (I have over 50 pages to finish in 2 month, omg!), I just wanted to let you know I'm not disappeared, I'm just working on them in my free time. I only have 3 paid commissions left but I still wanted to clarify. I also added a progress bar on my main page so you can follow the progress of your commissions. :)

ANNND... I'm working on two new artbooks too! 
One is 'The shortest distance' and the artists crew involved is named 'The Crooks', check out the FB page if you didn't. 
The other one is still a secret but it's gonna be a HUGE remake of an old project. ;P Guess what? Hehe...

And here's are some estimated release dates for my next projects.

*For more info follow the links*
  • September/October: Guest art for 'Let's eat! Marvel Anthology  +18 (Preorder ends soon!)
  • October 15th: Outwards 2 +18
  • October 29th 2015: CyberSteel 1 - Italian only (English version available on Patreon , it will be printed when 4 chapters will be ready) + 'The Shortest Distance' Artbook (by The Crooks)
  • February 1st 2016: Secret Artbook (name and participants will be announced in few months)
Thanks again and have a great day!!

Much love-


Tue Jun 9, 2015, 5:48 AM

Ohhh Yeah by SirWendigo

Live in 5 minutes at PICARTO
Come and say hi!!

Follow the channel to get an email everytime I’ll start a stream. ^__^


Fri Jun 5, 2015, 1:28 PM
15 Dollar - Ante by SirWendigo

Now my NSFW stuff will only be available through Patreon by pledging 15$ or more.
You’ll get an average of 4 NSFW drawings a month, mostly Yaoi and sometimes Het, with my OCs and sometimes fanarts. 
I’m so excited to draw my guys again, you have no idea! It will be full of Outwards pictures I guess. :°D

You'll also get a .ZIP folder with all my old NSFW pictures. My OTP are: Nuvat x Shye (Last Heir), Alex x Kevin (CyberSteel), Ramirez x Anger (CyberSteel), Stefan x Mark (Outwards), Tier x Rein (30rty) and I'm into crossovers too. :\\D

Mark Stefff Y by SirWendigo


See you at Carrara Show!

Tue May 26, 2015, 12:25 PM
Carrara Show by SirWendigo


Ciao ragazzi!
Dal 30 maggio al 2 giugno potete trovarmi nella Talent Zone del Carrara Show, Padiglione C, corsia 22 con Kite04.
Avrò con me Outwards Yaoi Comic Volume 1, Cybersteel Yaoi Comic e tanti poster nuovi!
Passate, mi raccomando!  :heart:



Hi guys!
From May 30th to June 2nd 2015 I'll be at Carrara show, pavilion C, lane 22, sharing the tabl with Kite04 .
I'll sell Outwards Yaoi Comic Volume 1, Cybersteel Yaoi Comic and many prints!
Come and say hi! Much love-  :heart:


Thu May 7, 2015, 4:47 AM
Really, and ALWAYS remember that!
I received over 300 comments, notes, PMs, messages, E-mails, from you, and even some new commission requests, Patrons, and donations. I tried to reply to all of them but I may have missed some. ;3;

YOU ARE AMAZING! I can't express it better that this.

You helped me lots understanding I can do it and that I should focus on one goal at a time. Some of you suggested me to get a Part-time job, but at the moment I'm working full-time on 3 comics and 2 profit artbooks and I don't have time to focus on other things or to move my ass and get another job, due to my tight scheduling. It may take a lot of time to see results and money from these projects but I'll try my best to keep calm and stay positive.


You will never disappoint me, guys.
You're the best supporters in the world. 

Much love :heart:

This is a personal journal. Don't read if you're not interested in my private life!!

Selfff465e6f by SirWendigo
Hi there,
I'm Thomas (still 'Laura' on my documents), an Italian Ftm who started his transition 2 years ago and I'm about to start my teraphy within few months.

The transition in Italy works this way: you have to go to the psychologist every 2 weeks to receive the permission to start hormone therapy.
When I started the sessions I had a job and I could pay for my sessions (which costed around 620€ per year), but then in October 2013 I was forced to dismiss because customers couldn't pay me anymore. 
Well, I must admit I was happy at first: that 8 to 5 office job was really stressful, since I'm a digital artist, a graphic, and a video editor,
but I couldn't find a job in my field so I had to take the first one available. 

Anyway, at the end of 2013 I was hired by a small Californian publisher (Yaoi Revolution): it was my first contract for a comic series and it's still going!
I'm really happy about it but, again, I still can't make a living by art.

I even opened a Patreon page  for my art, sold my posters and comics to national conventions, participated in many profit projects, and I opened commissions on my deviantART page , but it's still not enough to become a freelance in my country. Too many taxes and you need to be famous or nobody will invest money/time on you.
I'm currently working on 2 artbooks, 3 comics and submitting special artworks and tutorials on my Patreon page.

The problem is I'm depressed: it's normal when you're about to start Testosterone Therapy, they said, but it's still a problem when you have tight scheduling and you can't work because of dark thoughts or the constant feeling you're not good enough. And yet the money is never enough: each month I have to pay my psychologist sessions and medical examinations. Last month I paid 300€ in all for my therapy + sessions, which is a huge amount, and next months could be worse.

I hate begging for money and I won't do that, EVER: what I'm asking you is, if you can, to support my art (comment, fav, share, whatever!) and works through Patreon , Tumblr  DeviantART or Facebook , buy a commission, or just share my GOFUNDME compaign
My waiting list for commissions is open and it's here . 

Thank you in advance for everything. You're amazing! 

Much love.♥

Hey guys!
My friend andaglas  needs fast help for real life complications.
She's taking EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS right now. 
Please, if you have spare money, go commission her. She's a really good artist. :)
Please share if you can't help. Thanks a lot!

A sample of her works:
<da:thumb id="481195529"/><da:thumb id="500388946"/> <da:thumb id="494251815"/>
Patreon Updates - May by SirWendigo

Yup guys! It's time for some changes on Patreon:
They will be active from MAY 1st 2015.

I deleted 3 pledges (the one for posters, the one for Kevin's tee and the one for the 4 hands commissions from me and Giorgia Lanza)
BUT I also introduced 2 new pledges:

- for 20$ you'll get access to PRIVATE STREAMS in which YOU CAN GET A REQUEST FROM ME.
These streams will occur once or twice a month, and you could get just one request a month.

Remember this WON'T be a request of your OC, but I will draw an OC of mine of your choice.
The drawing can be in pencil and markers. Shipping worldwide is included.
You can add a fee in case you want a Registered mail instead of a Priority mail.

As pledges changed, raffle's tickets number change consequently, but it will apply from MAY (next month). This means for April's raffle tickets number will be the previous one, which was:
1-4$ = 1 ticket
5-9$ = 2 tickets
10-14$ = 3 tickets
15-69$ = 4 tickets
70-224$ = 5 tickets
>225$ = 6 tickets


free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy You get a half-figure commission in colors of one character. 
free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy Characters must be original! No fanarts accepted. 
free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy Visual references are needed to star working on your commission. 
free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy If you have special request (angle, expression, pose, color palette, etc.) feel free to ask. 
free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy Preview of the sketch is NOT included. Preview costs +10$.
free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy It may take over a month to finish your work. Be patient! 
free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy I only accept payments in advance!

PayPal bullet by emocx You can pay with Paypal too. Price will be 50$ for a single character. Send me a note first! Tiny Note Icon by neripixu 



free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy You get a half-figure commission in colors of 2 CHARACTERS.
free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy Characters must be original! No fanarts accepted. (That one above was a gift!)
free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy Visual references are needed to star working on your commission. 
free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy If you have special request (angle, expression, pose, color palette, etc.) feel free to ask. 
free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy Preview of the sketch is NOT included. Preview costs +10$.
free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy It may take over a month to finish your work. Be patient!
free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy I only accept payments in advance!

PayPal bullet by emocx You can pay with Paypal too. Price will be 80$ for the couple. Send me a note first! Tiny Note Icon by neripixu 



:iconapophissaga: - Ancholpy Zerion pokeball pb0 by deenji
:iconkcravenyote: - Dunn pokeball pb0 by deenji



:iconmaddiel27: - Julius
:iconazurielle1: - Varis (color only!)
:iconbilliethekat: - Herself as a guy
:iconjustown: - Him and myself brofisting
:iconasukarin: - Agni
velma.starling (mail) - 3 commissions

* You can cancel your unpaid commissions at any time by sending me a note.

You can now apply for my WAITING LIST.
Send me a note filling this form.

THE CHARACTER CREATOR (nickname and link to dA, FB or Tumblr):
CHARACTERS REFERENCES: 3 picture max (more just in case of small design particulars)
CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS: only if necessary, 5 lines is enough.
PAYING METHOD (Paypal or Points):

Coloring video process + Patreon 'How-to'

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 23, 2015, 5:08 PM

Hi there!

A new coloring process video is on my Patreon: it's 40 minutes long and with English SUBs, basically I explain some tricks and my coloring method. Practice is the best way to learn things but I think it may be helpful if you're a SAI user, some tricks can work on Photoshop as well. 
I'm sharing my color palette and explaining how I get that certain effect in my last picture. 

The video is HD 720px and you can also easily copy my brush settings, if you want. :)

Subs by SirWendigo

Here's the link to the video.

You're still unsure about supporting your favourite artists through Patreon?
Here's how it works and why I think it's the right platform
for publishing my self-produced comic, 'CyberSteel'. 

What is CyberSteel?

CyberSteel was born in 2009 after the collision of two evil minds: Thiefmarine and SirWendigo .
Set around 2030, CyberSteel is a urban spying, sci-fi and action story.
Kevin, is a university student from England and a computer hacker at night. In trouble with his exams, he luckily meets Alex, a geek who could help him in getting higher scores to impress his mommy. 
They become friends but Kevin struggles to make ends meet, so he steals dirty money from dubious current accounts to survive. 
In a flash, the two friends end up in some henchmen's sight, minions of a ruthless killer better known as Anger. 
You can read the full story for as low as 1$ a month on Patreon. 

How many CyberSteel books there will be?

Each volume is composed of 4 chapters of 25/27 pages each + a prologue. The whole comic consists of 7 volumes, around 90/110 pages each.

What you get

-If you pledge at least 1$  each Patron will get 3 pages per month in English and full colors
3 pages are not much for you? Don't worry! The number of pages will increase as soon as I'll reach the goals. At the end of the month you'll also get access to a ZIP folder with all the English pages. 

-If you pledge at least 5$ you could read the comic in all the available languages (for now Italian and English), you'll have access to Resources, Linearts, WIPs, and exclusive Illustrations (the unpublished ones from the artbooks I'm preparing) and I'll follow you back on FB and/or Twitter (be sure to send me a PM in case you're interested in a follow back). PLUS you'll get access to a Dropbox folder each month, in case you missed some updates. :)
More languages will be unlocked as long as we reach the goal and Patrons will vote for the language to unlock first. At the end of the month you'll also get a link to a ZIP folder with the pages in all the available languages.

-If you pledge at least 10$ you'll get all previous rewards, PLUS access to Tutorials and Step by Steps of my illustrations, occasional process videos, access to .PSD files, access to all the current .PDF Ebooks by Wendigo (value 8USD each, content may be +18), and you could decide the subject of the next Tutorial (painting, inking, etc.).

Premium tiers

-If you pledge at least 15$ you'll get all 10$ rewards,
PLUS you'll get A3 posters from Wendigo
(contact me once you've selected your print).
Check out the PRINTS available here. 

You can purchase up to 3 prints at a time:
1 PRINT = 15$ 
2 PRINTS = 25$ 
3 PRINTS = 30$ 

Shipping in Europe and Mediterranean basin = INCLUDED!
 Shipping to Africa, America and Asia = +5$
Shipping to Oceania = +10$

Prints will be shipped once after the 15th of each month.

-If you pledge at least 70$ (limited to 1) you'll get all 10$ rewards, 
PLUS you'll be Kevin's private t-shirt designer!!
Your logo/drawing/writing or your comic logo will appear on Kevin t-shirt for a whole scene (3/5 pages). 
I reserve the right to reject offensive/violent/political messages or drawings.
You (or your business) will be credited in the printed book. 

-If you pledge at least 225$ (limited to 1) you'll get all 10$ rewards, 
PLUS Wendigo and GiorgiaLanza (who's CyberSteel colorist!) will create a commission just for you for private or commercial use, even for covers or self-publishing. (A4 size, 300 dpi, digital, in colors, preview of the sketch is included!).
Wendigo will do the lines and Giorgia will take care of the colors.

* Monthly Raffle - Patrons only*

Each month I'm gonna select one of my current Patrons
and they will receive a 
inked bust from me (value 30$). 
Tickets number will depend on the amount you pledged for the current month and they'll increase your possibility to win.
I'm gonna extract the winner at the end of the month, and I'll deliver the drawing once each payment got through. 

Here's a small graph to explain how it works. 


About the authors

Wendigo and Thiefmarine have been creating sci-fi and fantasy stories since 2009.
Wendigo takes care of the drawings, from pencils to colors; Thiefmarine works on the plots. Both cooperate on scriptwriting and character designs.

Giorgia Lanza is an Italian comic artist and a digital colorist.

Our dream is...

To bring CyberSteel to life. Patreon will help Wendigo paying bills and paying the colorist during the creation process, that will last about 1,5 years for each CyberSteel volume.

Why Patreon and how it works?

We've chosen Patreon because it's the perfect platform to guarantee a regular publication to CyberSteel. At the moment, it's impossible for me to become a freelancer in my country. Hopefully, Patreon and Patrons will help me in getting the job I love.

You can donate any amount from 1$ to 225$ and you won't be charged until the 1st of the month. If you want to make a one-time donation, you can pledge to a Creator any amount and delete your pledge once you receive a verification email that your pledge was successfully charged. Just delete your pledge and you won't be charged again.

Hope everything is clear!

See you, space cowboys... ^-^

Skin by SimplySilent

A3 Posters Catalogue

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 4, 2015, 8:51 AM

Posters are ON SALE on my Storenvy

To order please open the images below and write the name of the deviation in your ORDER,
or copy/paste the deviation link.

  Tier - T-shirt design by SirWendigo Dust to dust by SirWendigo Dusk of the jackals by SirWendigo P R I D E by SirWendigo

 Empress Of Nightmares Splash by SirWendigo Neon Punk by SirWendigo Dark Ritual by SirWendigo Enchanted forest by SirWendigo

Mein Herz brennt by SirWendigo Ferrying souls by SirWendigo Drowning in this love by SirWendigo Tribal by SirWendigo 

Till the last breath by SirWendigo The day I lost my Faith by SirWendigo Breathe by SirWendigo Dead or Alive by SirWendigo

    The Prodigal Son by SirWendigo Cry of the Black Birds by SirWendigo A Bed of Roses by SirWendigo Forever Nineteen by SirWendigo

  (s)WINE by SirWendigo Winding by SirWendigo D O O M by SirWendigo Badass Gentleman by SirWendigo


Mature Content

Battlefield by SirWendigo
 Bird Eat Bird by SirWendigo Bound to life - REPAINTED by SirWendigo Emanuel by SirWendigo

Summer's almost gone by SirWendigo I wanna do bad things with you by SirWendigo 

Mature Content

WatchGod by SirWendigo
 The Slayer by SirWendigo 

3000 Thanks! by SirWendigo Ash and Shadows by SirWendigo Your Space Invader - Repainted by SirWendigo Second Sky by SirWendigo
  Samurai by SirWendigo B L U E   H A Z A R D by SirWendigo Doch nur ein Tier by SirWendigo I hate tubes by SirWendigo

  Nuvola Rossa - Red by SirWendigo NO SMOKING by SirWendigo I don't care if I die by SirWendigo All men are mortal by SirWendigo

 Dream of Love by SirWendigo Pink Paint by SirWendigo GreenHazard by SirWendigo B R O F I S T by SirWendigo

Mature Content

Cupio Dissolvi by SirWendigo
 CyberSteel #2 - Alex by SirWendigo No End by SirWendigo CyberSteel - 1000 Thanks! by SirWendigo

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I'm searching for a Collab partner!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 18, 2015, 7:58 AM

I need to color other people lines for the sake of practice and Portfolio purpose! :D 

- Lines should be clean and on a different layer, if you can. 
- I'm searching for .PSD or .SAI files.
- Illustrations OR cover art only.
- No complicated background.
- No comic pages.
- No nudity. 
- To apply just leave a comment below with a link to you lines. If you don't want to share them, just drop me a note.
- You'll be credited for your work, obviously. 
- This is NOT and art trade. I will do it for free and I'm free to decide which lines I like the most.

Thanks for your time!

Skin by SimplySilent