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A3 posters available on my Patreon!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 4, 2015, 8:51 AM

For just 15$, shipping to Europe included! YAY! :dummy: 
Here's the folder with all the available posters. 

You can ask for a signed one, if you want. :)

Plus you get access to all Patreons contents for one month. ^-^
Check out the page here:

*The one in the picture is actually an art trade with andaglas so I'm not selling it, HAHA!*

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I'm searching for a Collab partner!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 18, 2015, 7:58 AM

I need to color other people lines for the sake of practice and Portfolio purpose! :D 

- Lines should be clean and on a different layer, if you can. 
- I'm searching for .PSD or .SAI files.
- Illustrations OR cover art only.
- No complicated background.
- No comic pages.
- No nudity. 
- To apply just leave a comment below with a link to you lines. If you don't want to share them, just drop me a note.
- You'll be credited for your work, obviously. 
- This is NOT and art trade. I will do it for free and I'm free to decide which lines I like the most.

Thanks for your time!

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Some talented artists you should follow

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 17, 2015, 4:07 PM

Another feature because I discovered (and re-discovered) many talented artist lately here on dA! :dummy:
You should take a look at their galleries. ^-^

Dude sketch by WieldstheKey Blackstar: Rezin bust by WieldstheKey Cloud Head- Penn expression 1 by WieldstheKey
by WieldstheKey 

Guardian by LiLaiRa Commission for Cptn Sylver by LiLaiRa Commission for Velkss by LiLaiRa
by LiLaiRa 

silver dragon by bayardwu Fall- by bayardwu Little Cannibal Plant by bayardwu
by bayardwu 

160215 by Capomontone Happy Valentine's Day by Capomontone 000000 by Capomontone 
by Capomontone 

White Sorceress by MrDream Tarkan by MrDream Lizard Watch by MrDream
by MrDream 

Nightrunners by RenRou smart title by RenRou Stolen - page 106 (English) by RenRou
by RenRou 

20141018 Smoke by kasai Bushou Chronicle by kasai Tink - empersand by kasai
by kasai 

50 Shades of Gay by Fi-Di The Power Of Love by Fi-Di Non ho che questo amore by Fi-Di
by Fi-Di 

Eternal Schism - League of Legends contest winner by Roboto-kun sorceress by Roboto-kun City View by Roboto-kun
by Roboto-kun 

Fleur de la Vie by Zolaida Zombea by Zolaida Eurydia by Zolaida 
by Zolaida 

Mission 1: The Cyber Thief (cont.) by madspartan013 We Are Mercenary: Lounge by madspartan013 We Are Ready by madspartan013
by madspartan013 

Soufflevent by Coliandre Queen by Coliandre Dark Fairies Wood by Coliandre
by Coliandre 

[THOR2] redsteam 2d enviro Vanaheim-Lv3 WIP01 by 0BO Monk by 0BO the son of sand by 0BO
by 0BO 

Fallen Prince by rynisyou Will Graham by rynisyou goldfish: revisited by rynisyou 

Joni adventures by EdCid En el Bosque de Craneos by EdCid Big Hivons by EdCid
by EdCid 

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Some news about Commissions!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 11, 2015, 6:27 AM

YUP! I'm no longer taking commissions via Patreon, bad experience.
I'm explaining it briefly...

- I always reserved the right to decline a commission, and Patreon doesn't allow me.

- Patreon keeps a high percentage over my work and I lost over 40$ last month. I think it will be fair if I keep using Paypal to get payment from commissions, otherwise I won't be able to pay the colorist. My colorist get 50€ each page.

- I don't think it's fair if CyberSteel reaches the first goal with my additional work for commissions. I created Patreon for CyberSteel and I want to reach my goals with people interested in this comic. I'm explaining this... I mean one month I could get 5 commissions. With 5 commissions maybe I'll reach the first goal of 550$, next month noone could afford a commission and I get 0$, because 5 persons only wanted a commission from me.
Also with 5 commissions a month it'll be hard to guarantee   4 pages a month, since I'm still working on another comic, 'Outwards'.

I just tried and it didn't work.

This month I'll be offering .PSD and tutorials for 10$ Patrons and I hope people could find something interesting on there even if they're not interested in the comic, and Exclusive illustrations, and unpublished works for my 5$+ Patrons. ^-^

And we're preparing a motion graphic video with original music to promote our page! :)

I made a sketch account on here too.
Take a look. ^-^


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New benefits for my Patrons!

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 2, 2015, 9:10 AM

My first month on Patreon is about to end, and Patrons who supported me there are about to get charged. :)
This means some slots will be available very soon and people could commission me again!

I'll be opening 3 slots for February and a little more in case I have spare free time ( I guess not?).

Raffle Ticket by SirWendigo
I'll be doing a raffle from now on, on Patreon. 
Each month I'm gonna select one of my current Patrons
and they will receive a 
inked bust from me (value 30$).

Tickets number will depend on the amount you pledged for the current month and they'll increase your possibility to win.
I'm gonna extract the winner at the end of the month, and I'll deliver the drawing once each payment got through. 

Here's a small graph to explain how it works.
Raffle by SirWendigo

So basically if you offered 1 to 4$ you'll get one ticked, if you offered 5 to 9 $ you'll get 2 tickets etc.

If you have any other question feel free to ask.
Here's my Patreon page:

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Where to find more of my stuff!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 28, 2015, 12:41 PM

From now on I'll be posting my sketches, selfies and commissions mostly on:





And thanks to the ones who replied to my last Poll. >3< Loves ya! :heart:

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How to get noticed on deviantART

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 25, 2015, 6:21 PM

Hi there! 

People asked me several times when I've became 'popular' on this site and in which way. I must admit I smelled a bit of envy in their tones, but  the thing that troubled me more was that they didn't think that my work was worth all the pageviews I got over the years. 

Well, I wanted to explain this little thing right now... dA costed me a lot of work! It wasn't a 'BOOM! POPULAR!' thing at all for me.

I had to study other people's methods too and to work hard on improving my art, and it wasn't easy. At all!

So tonight I'm sharing with you some methods to get attention by dA community.
Don't take them as unquestionable laws, just take them for what they are... Hints. ;)
They worked for me but they may not work for you.

And now that you have a dA account...

What should you do?

Your first post should be a finished work, no matter if in black and white or not, just post something finished in you gallery. It will be your portfolio. If you want your audience to see your sketches there's a section named 'Scrapbook' in which you can post them or either Tumblr is a good platform too. People should find your art interesting. Reply to this question: 'Would I watch myself?' 'Is my art good enough?' If the answer is 'YES' then you may have the qualifications to be noticed by the Community. If you don't like your art yourself, I suggest you to take art classes trying to improve your art or try with different media. Everybody can be good at art, you just have to practice everyday. Never give in! 

Do your best to improve your art and to find other and better ways to do art. This site is full of amazing tutorials to learn how to draw digitally or traditionally, or to approach new techniques. Also, a periodically checking of this amazing dA section called What's hot could waken your creativity. Just remind you don't have to copy others to be creative: always keep you style and you'll go far!

Post something each week. If you can't do it (busy with work, or school), keep your watchers updated with a journal or post an ID. 

This doesn't mean you have to spam other people pages with a 'thank you for the fav' comment. Just reply to other people comments in your main page or deviations. Your watchers should become attached to you and you should love them.

Ok, journals may be 'personal' but, please, don't use them to say you're ill, you got a haircut, you visited your relatives... It's preferable to make new art for similar news, like doing a self portrait with your new haircut, maybe. Everybody may read your personal stuff and this is not good for your reputation (even if you had great time), use Twitter for that. A good thing is to share  your reached goals with your watchers, though. 'I graduated', 'I got a job', 'I made an exhibition' are things your watchers die to know! They want you to be flawless to their eyes. 

Get in touch with other Deviants. Always keep in mind this is a Community and if you don't watch or comment on other people's work, then they may never noticed you and your art. My best choice, when I wasn't popular was posting my art in the Deviation ThumbShare section of the Forum, in which you can share your Thumbs and see other people's artworks. 

People would love to be paid or win prices for drawing your OCs or either participate in a Themed Challenge with prizes, or either win something without doing anything. So do it! And don't forget to encourage/require people to put a link to your journal in their entry comment. 

Absolutely join dA groups and put art in them! Some groups are really big, they have over 1000 watchers and they could help you increasing your audience exponentially. Check out dA groups HERE

Be kind and share some tutorials, steps by steps, color palettes, poses, Photoshop actions or brushes, bases, Memes, wallpapers, with the community. :) People will be really grateful and you will learn a lot from them, especially if you shared poses and anatomical references. 

Please do! Really. To get people interested in your art, you should be interested in art first! Be an active art enthusiast, fave and comment over other people's work and do it with pleasure.

Yes, same as above. Show people you care about other artists and quality art. Spread the love! People are here for the art and they'll thank you if you'll show them new good artists to follow.

Question yourself as an artist. Take commissions and show Deviants what you can do when you're out of your comfort zone.

If you have something to say to a user never said it in public. Send them a note instead. Being polite is the best way to coexist in a huge community like this one. People opinions may differ. If you and another user don't think the same, just politely explain your opinion and if they don't understand/respect it, well... No trouble! You can always deal with them in private or either block them. 

And you won't be disappointed! You can change your main page appearance, which is really good to impress your audience. Furthermore, you won't see ADs, you can change your username (I had to!), your storage increases of 8GB, you can view your Stats (which is really important in case you want to build a consistent audience), you can set your own royalties over your prints and have a 10% discount over prints in general, creating a dA Portfolio and much more.

An avatar is like 'your face' on dA community, so it should rather represent a picture or your face or a detail of your best artwork. Pixel art avatars are cute, but they always disappear in the ocean.

Yep. I forgot to write it before but yes, you should also respect rules. Like... never post +18 art or you'll be banned, not even in your! Always flag your nudity with 'mature content' (I learned it the hard way...).
Read dA rules in case you're in trouble.

Even if I do NOT encourage this method to get watchers, this is absolutely the best way to get them. I didn't use it, though, because it's a double-edged sword... People may not like the fandom you're in. People may get bored of your work quickly. People may ask you if you can do something 'that's really yours'. Do you want to get noticed for your originality or because 'you made that awesome fanart of Korra, OMG!'? It's up to you.

I think it's enough for now. :)
I really hope you can find it's useful somehow. :tardgrinn: 

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Yay guys! Today I woke up to discover I got my 4th DD!!
I totally didn't expect it, and I want to thank :iconginryuzaki: and :icontehangelscry: for the feature!

I'm so happy this picture got a DD because of the feelings behind the drawing and mainly because it's my first DD involving characters from my CyberSteel story, I'm currently uploading this comic on Patreon, but you may know it already. :dummy:

Here's the lucky illustration!!

I don't care if I die by SirWendigo

Also I want to let you know I've uploaded my latest illustrations as prints and merchandise on Society6. 
Check them out!

16957934 15268182-sknmba11 Pm by SirWendigo 16956711 10385135-iphone6 Pm by SirWendigo
16957383 10796947-plwfr2 Pm by SirWendigo 16957157 1702878-bagtote16 Pm by SirWendigo

Another feature!

Mon Jan 12, 2015, 6:23 AM
Oh hello guys again!
I want to let you know I commissioned an awesome artist lacrimode and I want to share the result with you. :heart:
Mark and Stefan by lacrimode

And here are some other works from her, she's really talented!
From My Beloved by lacrimode
Fiend Portrait: Blue by lacrimode Mizuki (Dramatical Murder) by lacrimode

dA featured my calendar!

Mon Jan 5, 2015, 4:23 PM
Not sure if you guys noticed it, but I've been featured in a dA official journal by @techgnotic with my 2015 calendar. 
I'm so happy!
Here's the article.
2015 DeviantArt Calendars

2015 DeviantArt Calendars
By techgnotic
lemonade by loish
Featured Articles

Read More

View Collections

The year’s last gift—that you save for yourself!
This year my pick for the boldest, most beautiful and most imaginative wall calendar for the New Year has to be The-SixthLeafClover 2015 Zodiac Dragons Calendar.
Whether you’re a dragons

I laughed so hard at the description:
Twelve sultry pinups of characters that wouldn’t be out of place in True Blood. Twelve men who your mothers would definitely not want you to date, but she might be tempted herself.

HAHA! It suits my work perfectly, right? :lmao:

And thanks to all my new watchers and Patrons! :dummy:

Also have a little feature to celebrate Epiphany!
Journey #4 by Nastasja007couple by Ni-nig <da:thumb id="505169988"/> Burning Clouds by CaringWong Thalion Koi by SaimainSenescence by kelogsloops
Old city - sketch color by Grosnez The Whispering Forest by Exphrasis River by Wildweasel339


Fri Jan 2, 2015, 11:21 AM
tumblr nhifhrqiIM1qefjwro1 1280 by SirWendigo
ElephantWendigo on Patreon


Step 1. Read the rules!
Be sure to read my commission infos. 

Anyway, here is a summary, in case you're superlazy:

I can draw: OCs, animals, Boys/Girls love, Gore, Kemonomimi, Color other peoples lines, siamese twins but they count as two characters!

I CAN'T draw: porn, furries, characters with too many references from here and there, in a style different to mine, portraits.

I'm offering digital art commissions only and paintings.

Here are the prices lists (click on the images to enlarge):
Painting Opt2 by SirWendigo Painting 2014 by SirWendigo

I need references to work on your characters, otherwise I can't accept the commission. 
Commissions on Patreon can't be refunded (this doesn't depend on me but it's a rule of the site), so you really have to be sure you want to commission me. 

Remember it may take more than one month for me to finish your commission.

Step 2. How to pledge on Patreon!
1. Go to my main Page on dA. Scroll the page a bit, on the left you'll see a link to my Commission info. Click it.
Commissions Infos by SirWendigo

2. Check infos and prices. Sample: you want a Bust Grey scale commission...
If you wanted a colored fullfigure with additional character, price would have been: 110$+40$= 150$. You can ask me via note if you're not sure about the total.
1-patreon by SirWendigo

3.  So, back to our grey scale bust. It costs 60USD. Check out the sample art preview to be sure is the commission you really want.1-patreon-2 by SirWendigo

1-patreon-3 by SirWendigo

4. Go on my PATREON PAGE and select the 15$+ pledge!
1-patreon-5 by SirWendigo

5. Change the amount from 15$ to 60$! No subtractions or sums needed! Add +100$ in case you want your commissions to be private/for commercial use. 
1-patreon-6 by SirWendigo

Yep, just as I told you. No subtractions/sums needed. Just 60$! :dummy:
1-patreon-8 by SirWendigo

6. Yep, now Patreon needs confirmations and stuff. 1-patreon-9 by SirWendigo

7. But first be sure to select your Payment method!!
1-patreon-10 by SirWendigo

8. Click 'Confirm and Pledge'. 

9. If you want to make a one-time donation, you can pledge any amount and delete your pledge once you receive a verification email that your pledge was successfully charged. Just delete your pledge and you won't be charged again. 

10. DONE!!!

Step 3. When you're ready to send references...


As I said previously, if you want to use a work for Commercial purposes you need to add an additional 100$ which will cover every commercial use, from Covers to inner part of books, to Ebooks etc.

  • TYPE OF COMMISSION: (DIGITAL ART, PAINTING + any addition: sketch, lineart, colors, flat greyscale, add. characters, etc...)
  • THE CHARACTER CREATOR (nickname and link to dA, FB or Tumblr):
  • CHARACTERS REFERENCES: 3 picture max (more just in case of small design particulars)
  • CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS: only if necessary, 5 lines is enough. Be brief! 
  • DETAILS, PERSPECTIVE, EXPRESSIONS, BACKGROUND, OTHER REQUESTS: everything I should know before I start working on your commission.

  • I accept payments IN ADVANCE and VIA PATREON only
  • ”$” symbol means USD
  • It may take me up to one month to finish your commission. So be patient!

☆ I will send you the ultimate work in FULL SIZE downloadable via (resolution 300 dpi).
☆ My works are only available in DIGITAL format.
☆ Every work may take up to 1 month. 
☆ If you want to buy a PRIVATE work (which won't be shown on the internet) or a COMMERCIAL work, you have to pay a flat fee of 100$: you're paying for the rights to use the work and make money over it.
☆ "Preview included" means that I can only make 3 major changes of the sketch. 
☆ If you want my signature on the work just let me know.

☆ Sharing it on the web (but do not forget credits!)
☆ Using it as a signature, avatar on the web (on DeviantArt too)
☆ Making it a gift for a friend
☆ Coloring it (credits ...)
☆ Modifying it (Credits, please!!)

★ Selling it, uploading on a private site where you must pay something to enter…(If you want to sell it, you can still pay +100$ of commercial use)
★ Pretending it was made by yourself (in short, STEALING)
★ Re-posting it in your dA Gallery or claiming it as yours
★ Removing my signature

★ Share finished commissions, WIPs, process videos, and finished sketches on DevianART, Tumblr, Patreon, Facebook or Y! Gallery but only you will have access to the fullsized file.
★ Print the commission for my personal use only to show it in my portfolio. You will receive credits.

Livestreaming in 5 minutes!

Mon Dec 29, 2014, 12:23 PM

I made a GiveAway on my Tumblr!!

Wed Dec 17, 2014, 3:53 PM
YAAAY! You can win 1 free headshot commission!!…

Hello guys! The Ebook version of CyberSteel is finally done!
It will cost $6.99 until the end of the month, Christmas sales you know!, then it will cost 2USD more.

Check it out here:

...Basically to keep my dA gallery clear from +18 Yaoi.

You can still find the whole comic here:…

CyberSteel Farewell + CS first yaoi comic are on Tumblr (+18):

I also have a NOT SAFE FOR WORK blog.
To know the link please ask me via note, since I can't share it here.

*w* Yaaay!
All CyberSteel books are on their way to reach you just before Christmas.
Thank you from the bottom of our heart! :heart:
You guys keep us going!!
:iconthiefmarine: & :iconsirwendigo:

This evening I'm gonna submit 2015 calendar as well.
I'm being busy with organizing artbooks and projects, and scriptwriting. 
So yeah, new comics are on their way!!

I'll keep you updated on here and on my Facebook page, as always.

Wendigo's Epic GIVE-AWAY!

Tue Nov 11, 2014, 1:37 PM
For FB users only, but I wanted to tell you anyway in case you have a profile there. :)…

  •  LIKE the post then SHARE IT
  • Number of LIKES of the post will determine the amount of prizes you will receive
  • Number of SHARES of this post will make you elegible as winner
  •  You can also like and share the post with all your FB pages. 
  • Liking or sharing with different FB pages will count as a different user, so go for it!

YOU SHOULD SHARE IT PUBLICLY and directly from my page, otherwise I can't check if you shared it or not. :°(

PRIZES (all from Wendigo's art): 

  •  100 Likes - 1 signed print A3 (of your choice between the ones available)
  • 500 - 2 prints A3
  • 1000 - 3 prints A3
  • 1500 - 3 prints A3 + postcard
  •  2000 - 3 prints A3 + postcard + 1 set of pins (2)
  • 5000 - 3 prints A3 + postcard + 1 set of pins (2) + a little Thank you traditional doodle! by Wendigo
  • 10000 - 2 winners instead of one!
  • 15000 - 3 winners! WOW!
  • 30000 - 3 winners will get all the stuff above + a BUST DIGITAL PAINTING REQUEST!

14 Dec 2014 at 00:00 (GMT +1)


Good luck everybody! :dummy:

Last week for preordering CyberSteel!

Tue Oct 14, 2014, 2:32 AM
Hi everybody! 
This is the last week for preording CyberSteel + Extras! Hurry up, because it won't be printed again!
Anyway, in case you can't afford a printed copy, we will sell an E-book after the shipping is done. 

PLUS everyone who bought a copy with extras will receive the whole set of 4 pins, instead of one.


tumblr nczux5YLO71qefjwro2 1280 by SirWendigo

PROOF SHEET + PINS (Sorry for the bad quality of my phone at night ^^') 
10676112 557636404382593 3828981358666269482 N by SirWendigo 10413430 557636427715924 1069355232724647244 N by SirWendigo 
10462490 557636507715916 8453467256284915124 N by SirWendigo 10441050 557636594382574 35464144280735258 N by SirWendigo 
1010372 10204363728006228 7970929079448230065 N by SirWendigo

CyberSteel - Farewell is a Yaoi comic (+18) made byElephantWendigo  & Thiefmarine and it’s now available for preoder!

The English in this book as been corrected by 6 beta-readers!

▪ Book costs 13$ or 19$ with extras (plus shipping)

▪ Extras includes: 1 Signed postcard, 1 sticker, 4 of 4 exclusive matte pins of CyberSteel’s main characters

▪ Size: 16,5x24cm 

▪ Pages: 60 

▪ Language: English OR Italian

▪ Shipping service: Priority or Registered


▪ A Boys Love comic in Black and White plus 7 colored pages 

▪ 4 illustrations from Guest Artists (Akira Atsushi aKiRa-666 , Laovaan Eeren  and rynisyou) and illustrations from ElephantWendigo

AVAILABLE ON STORENVY until November 3rd 2014!
The orders will be shipped after 15th November 2014.



How to select language:

Itaeng By Elephantwendigo-d81qwwz by SirWendigo

How to select ‘REGISTERED mail’ as shipping method:
Cursore Collezioni By Elephantwendigo-d81qwwl by SirWendigo


Tumblr Ndciypds181sr7aeho1 1280 by SirWendigo

Final Cover Art for Outwards by SirWendigo 

Outwards is now open for pre-ordering:

First 100 orders will receive a unique signed postcard from me!…

Sample pages
tumblr nd7jx6EQmF1sr7aeho2 500 by SirWendigo tumblr nd7jx6EQmF1sr7aeho3 1280 by SirWendigo 
tumblr nd7jx6EQmF1sr7aeho4 1280 by SirWendigo
In a dry inhospitable future world, the privileged live in big cities while the outsiders are forced to fight for a piece of bread in the desert. Mark Koch, a weapons builder and trafficker lives on the outside in a place known as The Colony within the rusty hull of a buried aircraft carrier. Tough and arrogant, he enjoys his position and free ways with the Colony women until one day he comes upon a stranger collapsed in the sand (Stefan). He takes this young man into the infirmary where he notices a striking tattoo on his cheek – a tribal design that marks this mysterious wanderer as a murderous renegade.

(16,5 X 24 cm - Color matte finish cover, 40 pages greyscale - 18+ content, manga)

Books will begin shipping first week of November!

I got tired of...

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 8, 2014, 8:11 AM

...all those artists who use references often and just write below their image 'Reference used' without providing a link to the actual picture or don't even write anything and it happened I recognized the reference! O_O'

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